Terms of Use

1 Scope

These terms of use are valid at the website at Internet address https://mobilegauges.com and all associated services (“webpages”) operated by MARINE MOBILE DIGITAL GAUGES, Surorile Martir Caceu Str. No.10, Timisoara, Timis, Romania, Phone: +40.748840486 / +40.742088233,

 E-mail:  contact@mobilegauges.com, represented by Managing Director Mr Stefan Boicu (hereinafter referred to as “Marine Mobile Digital Gauges”).

2 Web pages

2.1 Marine Mobile Digital Gauges makes every effort to ensure that its website is maintained with the utmost care. All the data and information included on our website together with the associated services have been researched and checked by Marine Mobile Digital Gauges and third parties with great care. However, neither Marine Mobile Digital Gauges nor any third party can provide any explicit or implicit guarantee for the information published on this website being accurate, complete and up-to-date. It may be subject to delays and contain misspellings or errors.

2.2 Marine Mobile Digital Gauges reserves the right to change these terms of use as well as the content and structure of the website and services at any time. This may include charging for specific offers and services or discontinuing them altogether.

3 Obligations of the user

3.1 Each user of Marine Mobile Digital Gauges’s website and services is responsible for his/her own activities. The use of the website and associated services is at the user’s own risk.

3.2 In addition, users are obliged to observe the laws of Romania. In particular, every user undertakes to comply with current child protection legislation.

3.3 Marine Mobile Digital Gauges’s website and services may not be used for unlawful purposes..

3.4 User activities that aim to render Marine Mobile Digital Gauges’s website and associated services inoperable, or at least to make their use more difficult, are forbidden and may lead to civil and criminal action being taken.

3.5 User purchasing MMDG products shall agree prior to purchase with allowing MMDG and MMDG BLE apps which will be installed on user’s device to use location services and bluetooth connectivity or wifi connectivity. By agreeing with this paraghaph, Marine Mobile Digital Gauges takes the responsibility not to share, use, or store in any way the data. Marine Mobile Digital Gauges is not responsible by any hack of your devices including but not limited to usage of the device and app in other way they were designed for.

4 Liability

4.1 Marine Mobile Digital Gauges bears no liability for statutory liability regardless of fault (e.g. arising from warranty or according to the Product Liability Act – ProdHaftG) as well as in the case of personal damage (injury to life, body or health). Marine Mobile Digital Gauges also bears no liability for intent and gross negligence. In the case of slight negligence, Marine Mobile Digital Gauges will only be liable for the breach of cardinal obligations. Cardinal obligations are deemed to be those obligations that must be met towards the purchaser in accordance with the spirit and purpose of the actual contract or whose fulfilment is essential for the proper execution of the contract and on whose observance the purchaser may normally rely. However, in such cases Marine Mobile Digital Gauges will not be liable for indirect or unforeseeable damage, for consequential damage, for loss of profit or savings that do not materialize. For the rest, any liability on the part of Marine Mobile Digital Gauges for slight negligence is excluded. This limitation of liability also extends to Marine Mobile Digital Gauges’s legal representatives, employees, salaried staff and agents.

The following applies if you are a businessperson: In the case of a breach of cardinal obligations and only slightly negligent behavior on the part of Marine Mobile Digital Gauges, Marine Mobile Digital Gauges’s liability will be limited to three times the net invoice amount of the goods or services causing the damage.

4.2 Where the website and associated services contain third-party information or links to third-party Internet pages, this occurs exclusively as an additional service for users. Marine Mobile Digital Gauges is not responsible for content that they may contain and makes no claim that such content is its own. Marine Mobile Digital Gauges assumes no liability for damage that may arise in connection with accessing or using the contents of third-party Internet sites. This also applies in the event that Marine Mobile Digital Gauges is linked to a third-party site by means of a “hyperlink” without its knowledge.

4.3 The above mentioned liability provisions apply to all contractual and non-contractual claims that may result from this agreement or the use of Marine Mobile Digital Gauges’s websites and services.

5 Trademark rights and copyright

5.1 “Marine Mobile Digital Gauges” is a registered trademark. Logos, trademarks, brands, common names and other identifiers are also protected by trademark law and corresponding protection provisions even if they are not identified as such. The use of this/these designation(s) or the associated logos is only permitted with Marine Mobile Digital Gauges’s prior written consent.

5.2 Furthermore, the content of the Marine Mobile Digital Gauges’s website and associated services, in particular photographs, are also protected by copyright. They may therefore not be reproduced or used in any other way except for private purposes. Any publication requires Marine Mobile Digital Gauges’s prior consent.

6 Final provisions

6.1. The laws of Romania apply. The application of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is excluded.

6.2 The place of jurisdiction is Timisoara if the user is a businessman.

6.3 These terms of use can be accessed at https://mobilegauges.com/terms-of-use/ Last updated: 05 April 2020